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Sunnyvale Lawn Bowls Club

What is Lawn Bowling?
The idea behind lawn bowling is fairly simple. The team with the most bowls closest to the target wins. If it's so simple why isn't it boring? Lawn bowling easy to learn but hard to master. The bowls don't travel in a strait line - they curve. Mastering the distance, aim and curve is an addictive challenge. Out strategizing your opponent and directing your shots and play to victory is a new struggle every time.

The best way to bring new people into the sport is to convince them to give it a try. Introduce someone to the game and they usually like it. Bring them a few more times and think they just might be able to be good if they just worked at it a little more...and before they know it they're a new lawn bowler!

Who is the game for? Like many sports, lawn bowling has many levels of competition and there really is a level for everyone. Everybody can play for fun or competitively including men, women, younger, older, athletic or average. As you become better gain more control, skills and knowledge you can advance to inter club play, league play, and division and beyond.

All About Bowls and Bowling
We are adding some pages with general instruction for new, or maybe even not so new, lawn bowlers. Follow the thinks on The Game page for a general description of the game, a diagram of a game, some tips for delivering bowls, and a list of commonly used terms and their definitions. So if you want to read more you can or just call us for a lesson and we'll tell you everything you need to know to get started.

How are Bowls Made?
Here is a fun few minutes from a very recent Discovery Channel "How It's Made" episode.

We bowl at 12 noon, Mon-Tues-Wed-Fri, and Fri. at 5:30pm but check with Larry (408)730-4028 to see if bowling is still on first.  Arrive 15 min. before all games.

What's Up With The Picture
The "Know the Game - Bowls" graphic came from a 1950s Scottish lawn bowling instructional manual ("limp cover" edition). These days there are a few things slightly different from this happy scene. Nobody is allowed to smoke pipes on the green, the ladies bowl instead of demurely watching from the sidelines, and sweater vests aren't quite as popular (And Joe would say that the bowler shouldn't be dropping his right shoulder).

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