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Basic tips for delivering the bowls:
  • Step onto the mat with your feet pointed down the aiming line. Re-heck to make sure that your feet are pointing down the aiming line (not at the target). Have your weight primarily on your dominant foot;

  • Check the bowl in your hand for correct bias. The smaller emblem should point the direction of curve;

  • Make sure the bowl is straight in your hand with the grips parallel to your fingers;

  • Keep your weight forward, release the bowl close to the ground just in front of your foot and follow through with your arm in front and straight at the aiming line (not the target, not across your body, not by your head).

  • Keep your eyes down the aiming line (not the target). Looking over to the target makes you go narrow.

  • Keep one foot on or above the mat until the bowl has been released.

Sunnyvale Lawn Bowling Club - Pacific Intermountain Division - Bowls USA