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The Club

Sunnyvale Lawn Bowling Green and Club

The Green
The SVLBC and green are operated by agreement under the Sunnyvale Senior Center within the Sunnyvale City Department of Parks and Recreations. You can find the Vargas Lawn Bowling Green in the Martin Murphy, Jr Historical Park at the intersection of Sunnyvale and California Avenues.

Here is a map to 250 N. Sunnyvale Ave / East California Ave., Sunnyvale CA , 94086

The Almost Free Sport
It costs nothing to try and very little to become a full time member. The club gladly provides individual and groups instruction and we have equipment for you to use. All you need to bring is a pair of flat soled shoes to protect the green. See our Contact Us page for instructions.

The Memberships
Did you like the introduction and want to join? New members, both "home club" and "secondary", are always welcome. You can find details and dues information on the membership page. For the price of a round of golf or a couple trips to the indoor bowling alley you can join us for a whole year!

The Equipment
If you decide to join the club we'll let you use the club bowls for a while. However, you'll eventually need your own set of bowls which range from $50 for used ones to $450 for the spiffiest new ones. You'll also eventually need a measure, a bag to put your stuff in, and whites for tournaments and special events. However, that really is about it! There is no better bargain for a sport or pastime that can bring you years of fun and tons of new friends.

The Other Clubs
What is better than joining a club? With lawn bowling you really join a community of clubs. You'll meet and play with new friends all over the Bay Area and even around the world! Whether you call one of the local clubs on our Links page or find yourself in some small town in Australia you will have instant friends ready to share a game and maybe even show you the town.

The Organizations
We are members of PIMD and Bowls USA. They are the regional and national bowls organizations.

Sunnyvale Lawn Bowling Club - Pacific Intermountain Division - Bowls USA